Valentine’s Day Surprise

I love surprises! It makes me feel special and loved. My husband is a bit trying hard when it comes to giving surprises but I appreciate his efforts for trying. He’s not so familiar how to give surprises and he just learned it when we were married. I on the other hand love to give surprises. I love to let others feel loved on  special days and other events.

Valentine’s Day is now approaching and I haven’t thought of any surprise for my husband. While writing this post, I was reminded what my aunt told me a year ago. She said told me to find a hotel with whirlpool tubs and gave my husband a time to relax. She even suggested putting aromatic oil on the tub so my husband will be relaxed while resting on the tub. She has tried this idea and his husband enjoyed his time and looked refreshed after a nice dip on the tub. Would try this with your husband too?

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