Dust Collectors

 photo guitars_zpsc619c12e.jpg

My husband and I usually plays the guitar after work or on a lazy weekend. However, we already have a new work schedule and finding time to play music at home is now a bit impossible.

The guitars are now dusty and we are just cleaning it from time to time. I guess I will have to arrange our schedule and hopefully we can have time to relax and play music together.

My husband is eyeing for another guitar (similar here) but I told him to arrange his schedule first as it may only add it to his “dust collectors” at home.




Funny Girl

How happy life can be if you are in a travel with a funny girl. Well, nieces are indeed cute and they are fun to be with especially when they do a lot of funny things.

 photo funnygirl_zpsd7eef328.jpg

Here is my niece Chloe during our travel to Balingasag last June.


Going for a Camp

My sister in law invited me for an outdoor adventure this weekend. She said we will be going somewhere far and probably we will be having a camp at night. She had already prepared everything and she will also bring a Foam Factory outdoor cushions so we will be comfortable in our sleep. She has also prepared plenty of food so we will surely enjoy our fun adventure. I’m very excited right now and I am hoping everyone of us will enjoy.